27.02.06 15:07 Age: 11 yrs

TUPA 0.1-rc1 released today

I'm glad to tell you that TUPA 0.1 rc1 has been released today and is ready to download on Sourceforge.

Please look into the new documentation for install/update instructions.

A lot of stuff is new in rc1. Here a short list:

  • integrated help-system
  • an import/migration tool was added in the installer
  • possibility to move/delete multiple entries at one time (works over multiple pages!!)
  • short system-information in the header
  • detailed system-informations and pdns statistics
  • admin can now set preferences of users
  • there is a new maintenanse option wich only allows admin to log in
  • wrote fist version of installation manual
  • backup/restore functionality
  • crontab-script to manage backups and pdns-stats
  • added a fix to display transparent png's in IE
  • a lot of bugs fixed