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Safety rules when using steroids

Safety rules when using steroids

How to avoid negative consequences when using Decan p 150 mg and other steroid drugs, it is important to consider some rules. In this article, we will name some of them.

Course plan

Not all, but many bodybuilders plan a future course from the calculation of what drugs and in what quantities they have. This is not wise if you value your body. Calculate in advance which active substances you will need, in what doses and for how long, and then place your order. And do not copy off the courses of experienced athletes, especially of famous bodybuilders. They are not the best role model for the average bodybuilder. If a pro bodybuilder puts on 3 grams of anabolic a week before a competition, adding insulin and growth hormone, that doesn’t mean you should emulate him. Most people are satisfied with classic steroids, moderate doses, and short courses to get visible results. And blindly following the example of professional athletes will get you to the emergency room faster than your favorite gym’s hall of fame.

Avoid recreational drugs

Yes, steroids are not completely safe. There’s a reason you need to proceed with them with caution. Making just 1 mistake, such as overdosing, can provoke a whole series of consequences that you’ll have to deal with for a long time to come. But beginners want everything at once, and that is why they often abuse the doses or use unsafe combinations of active substances (several oral preparations in one course is one of the most common mistakes). Besides, having heard the stories of experienced athletes, they start using recreational drugs, which can be much more dangerous than any steroid. Two obvious examples are insulin and ephedrine. These active ingredients are definitely not a safe choice for the beginner.

No injections for herpes

Viruses suppress the name system. And the last thing any bodybuilder wants is to wake up with tearing flesh at the injection site. Stanozololol for weak joints and ligaments, oral anabolics for liver problems, any sports pharmacology for heart disease, and under the age of 18 can also be included in this category.

Drink water (a lot, often)

We assume that even if you are a novice jock, you have already heard about the benefits of protein (protein) for bodybuilding. However, such a mass of protein can dehydrate the body. Add steroids to the mix, and you get cardiovascular problems, which we strongly recommend to avoid. You don’t need to carry a 10-liter barrel of water with you to every workout. Just make sure that you are drinking enough fluids to meet your body’s increasing demand.

Do cardio

Current research hints that strength training is healthier for the heart than cardio. However, most researchers agree that classic cardio or endurance training can offset some of the risks of taking steroids. Take precautions by adding aerobic exercise to your workout program, either as a separate session or in addition to the strength training you’re already practicing. So you will have the opportunity to get great results when you buy EQ 300 mg and other similar drugs.