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Server Virtualization

To increase the efficiency of the enterprise IT infrastructure, increase the flexibility of information resources, and expand the range of mathematical capabilities, virtual servers are actively used today. These computing systems are new technologies that allow you to run several virtual operating systems on the same physical server. Given the fact that the average load

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Features of cross-platform development for mobile devices

Not so much time ago, most of the Internet users were tied to personal computers and laptops, so all companies and firms tried to create ordinary websites to popularize and promote their business. Now that almost all of us have switched to smartphones, entrepreneurs have a new opportunity to increase earnings through specialized applications. Depending

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Identity Theft via Social Media – Are you At Risk?

Identity theft doesn’t have to occur in the classic ways. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the appearance of social media, identity theft can be relatively easy to do thanks to social networks. The main problem nowadays is that people often overlook the dangers of sharing so much information on social media. By sharing too many pictures, for example, you are helping thieves get an insight into what you do, where you live, who you hang out with and similar.

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Is your Website Ready for HTTP/2?

The last HTTP protocol update was in 1997, and until now, there have not been any updates.  For the past almost 2 decades, HTTP has basically done the heaving lifting of bringing webpages to the end user’s browser; for instance, when you go to any website, you create an HTTP request to a webserver, asking it to deliver all elements of a website.

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How to Secure Your Windows PC

With the increasing threat to cybersecurity, it becomes necessary for a user to place all preventive measures to avoid damage to data security. It includes making behavior changes while being online, using built-in security utilities & features, trying third-party security tools, and more.

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