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Company Formation in Switzerland

Company Formation in Switzerland

Swiss company formation is a simple process. Foreigners who want to start a business in the country can do so in just a day. However, there are certain prerequisites that need to be met before you can launch your new company. These are mainly concerned with the legal structure of your company and your bank account.

The first step in establishing a Swiss company is to choose a location for the firm. Once you decide on a place, you must prepare the necessary documents and pay the appropriate fees. In addition, you must obtain a unique business name. Depending on your industry, you will have different options.

For example, you can form a limited liability company, a corporation, or a general partnership. A general partnership is a firm that can be formed for a specific purpose, whereas a limited liability company is a corporation that can have any number of shareholders. All of these types of companies must have at least two members.

There are several advantages of incorporating a Swiss company. One of these is the low tax rate. This is due to the favourable taxation systems that the Swiss government offers. Another advantage is the security of your assets. Several wealthy foreigners protect their properties by forming a Swiss corporation or limited liability company.

To establish a Swiss limited liability company, you must have a minimum of two original shareholders and a share capital of CHF 20,000. Your name should be a Swiss name. You should also ensure that you have at least one partner who is a Swiss resident.

The second step is to create a deed of incorporation. This is the document that is filed with the notary and serves as a proof of your company’s formation. It must include the purpose of the organization, names and addresses of the founders, and information about governing bodies.

In addition, a Swiss bank account must be opened for future transactions. An account with a bank can take time to open, so make sure you have enough time to complete the procedure. Also, you will need to submit your application to the Commercial Register office in your district.

Finally, you must write up articles of association, which are the foundation document of a company. Articles of association can be simple or complex. They must be drafted by a professional. Besides, they must include information on the governing bodies of the organization, as well as the business profile of each member.

Companies that are formed in Switzerland have access to a stable currency and attractive taxation systems. The country’s financial system is one of the most advanced in the world. With its strong banking secrecy laws, Switzerland is a safe location for investment.

If you need assistance with the company formation in Switzerland, you can use the services of a specialist. Most of these services can help you complete the entire process, from the preparation of the legal documents to the submission to the Swiss Federal Office of the Commercial Register.