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How to choose the right gift?

How to choose the right gift?

First of all, understand the relationship you have with the recipient? Do you want the gift to bring you closer together, or is it simply a tribute of kindness? Depending on the emotional closeness and the desired consequences, you can choose a non-binding and relatively versatile gift, such as a gift certificate to a perfume store or a set of luxury chocolates, or on the contrary, present something very personal and memorable, such as a portrait of yourself in a beautiful frame or a memorable photo shoot. You can find great gift cards here.

The emotions that the person experienced at the time of receiving the gift will greatly affect his mood on that special day. Although, admittedly, this applies to any gift on any occasion, so you need to pay special attention to the fact that the gift is as consistent as possible with expectations. 

Perception of the world

There is a connection between a person’s psycho-type and the gift that he will be pleased to receive. And, although the psychotype is a collective image, it can help to see in a person’s characteristic traits.

  1. Visual perception of the world. People with visual perception are great connoisseurs of art, so your gift should be above all beautiful and elegant. If you give a picture, it should be an exclusive work. It is best to choose a gift not in stores, but in art salons.
  2. Sensual perception of the world. Representatives of this type like to feel the world through touch, taste, and aroma. They will be happy with a soft gift, pleasant to the touch: you can give a warm sweater, confectionery or perfume.
  3. The sound perception of the world. Such people perceive the reality around them mainly by hearing. As a gift for them will be suitable what is associated with music – discs, audio equipment or even musical instruments.
  4. Discrete perception of the world. Perception of the world is based on logic. Such people build chains, draw schemes and evaluate all phenomena on the principle of usefulness or harmfulness. They are perfectly suited for an intellectual gift – an encyclopedia or an invitation to courses where he can develop his abilities.

Your attitude

In fact, it is important not only to buy a suitable gift, but also properly present it, so that people feel your special relationship to him. Here, too, there are peculiarities. For a woman, all the nuances of attention associated with the gift – the words that you accompany the presentation, gestures, looks, etc. are important. Men usually react differently. No, of course, warm words are also pleasant for them, but for them it is more important the essence of the gift, not the details.

And, most importantly, regardless of to whom and what kind of gift you give a gift, give it sincerely and with love, because this moment in the gift is the most important. You can buy special gift cards at the wesite and present them as a most welcome gift.