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How to design an Instagram account

How to design an Instagram account

To promote your Instagram in 2021, you will have to try hard. The competition on the platform is crazy, which means that you will have to constantly experiment, combine and follow the trends. Even if you decide to buy instagram followers, you’ll have a tough road ahead to find the right audience. In this article, we will tell you what are the free methods of promotion in Instagram, and how to apply them competently.

Where to start

It is necessary to start with the registration of the account. And here is what you should pay attention to in the first place:

  1. come up with a simple and memorable nickname (if you have a commercial profile, the name of a brand or field of activity will do);
  2. be sure to include your business in your name rather than duplicate it;
  3. use tags in your profile description;
  4. add geolocation;
  5. choose language for profile description close to your target audience (don’t use foreign words and professional terms);
  6. indicate how you want to be contacted;
  7. use emoticons to shorten and visually emphasize structural sections;
  8. in the description tell what you do, list products, services, write the offer;
  9. apply multi-link services to create a single link for all the ways you can quickly connect with you;
  10. develop a content strategy, rubricator;
  11. write down a content plan for at least the next month;
  12. create a unique visual (collages, subject photos, text in a visual).

Want to promote your Instagram, but do not want to spend a lot of money on targeting, bloggers and other paid features? Then catch a few working ways that will not only save the budget, but also increase the number of subscribers.

Connect a business account

Even if you’re not running a business or trying to sell anything, switching to a business account is a must that will give you access to the social network’s advanced features, viz:

  • additional means of contact (you’ll be able to add a phone number, email, driving directions);
  • category indication;
  • statistics;
  • the ability to run ads.

Pick a relevant name

In addition to the username, Instagram prompts us to choose a name that may be different from the login. You can write the name of the niche, the region in which you provide services, or a unique selling proposition. It is by your name that potential clients can find you. For example, if you type in “cakes New York,” profiles that have these words in their name will pop up.

Pick a quality avatar

Avatar is the face of your profile, it’s how you will be recognized. Avoid bright colors and small inscriptions when choosing an avatar. The ideal choice is a portrait on a white background (for personal profiles) or a brand logo (for commercial profiles). But here it is important to take into account one nuance: if your company has just entered the market and not many people know about it, it is better to bet on the picture, which will cause a strong association with the field of activity.

Manufacturer of swimwear? Excellent, google the appropriate image or organize a substantive shooting. And in a few months you can start thinking about a logo. You should also find cheap instagram followers to fill your profile. An empty profile without followers makes casual visitors suspicious, so it makes sense to buy followers at the first stage.