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How to Help in Ukraine

How to Help in Ukraine

There are many ways to help in Ukraine. Some of the organizations you can get involved in include the Ukrainische Kultur-Vereine and Organisation International Medical Corps. Some charities, like Die Malteser, provide psychosocial support in Ukraine. Others are purely financial, such as UNICEF. For more information, contact these organizations or their local representatives. In addition to this, you can volunteer with a local charity in your city or region.

Ukrainische Kultur-Vereine

The German-Ukrainian cultural exchange organization Verein SIC e.V. was founded in 2014 and is part of the migration Schwerin network. The association aims to promote Ukrainian culture in Germany and cooperates with other cultural organizations. It has also established an online platform for Ukrainian refugees and other displaced people. You can support its work by making a donation or by renting an apartment. You can contact the Central Coordinating Office (ZeKo) or through other means.

Organisation International Medical Corps

The International Medical Corps is helping Ukraine after the conflict began. The conflict has displaced more than 3 million people to neighbouring countries. The conflict has also disrupted services and support networks. Despite these challenges, relief organizations have flooded the region to help the civilian population recover. The International Medical Corps has been working to provide health care in the conflict zone, partnering with local organizations to improve access to medical services, improve mental health support, and provide child protection.

Die Malteser

The katholic charity, Die Malteser helfen Ukraine, has been active in Ukraine since 1990. They work in the fields of psychosocial support to refugees and warming meals for bereaved families. On the 24th of February, the deutsche Malteser sent an aid transport to Ukraine spenden. Donations to aid victims are tax deductible. If you are thinking of donating to these efforts, please consider these tips. You can help by spreading the word about their work and inviting your friends and family to get involved.


UNICEF is helping the Ukrainian people in a variety of ways, including by providing health care and hygiene supplies, stationery, and emergency education in the Kharkiv metro station. Ukrainian subways are quickly becoming a safe space for children. Over 4,500 children have participated in UNICEF activities in Kharkiv metro stations. Now, UNICEF is enlisting 500 psychologists, educators, and volunteers to support these activities and provide psychological support to children on the move.

Organisation Step Stiftung

The Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation was established in 1999 with the mission of facilitating educational reforms in the country and promoting innovative educational initiatives. The foundation focuses on children from marginalised groups and on Roma children in particular. This means that it is able to address the needs of vulnerable children and support their development. The Step by Step Foundation in Ukraine has more than 800 community schools across the country. This expansion is supported by in-service teacher training institutes and the development of training curricula.

Vereine aus der Ukraine in Mainz

Among the many Ukrainian-German associations in Germany, the Vereine aus der Ukraine in Mainz works with refugees in need of emergency aid. The association is an important source of aid to the region. Its members include more than 100 private pilots and Ehrenamtliche, which help with fundraising and planning flights. These organizations are working to bring some hope to the Ukrainian people. They are working to help these people in need and are committed to providing assistance for as long as they are able.

Organisation International Medical Corps in Bad Durkheim

Despite the difficult conditions in the conflict-affected region of Ukraine, the organisation is not done yet. In addition to providing medical care, they are also expanding their aid work to neighboring countries. Their services include mental health support, protection services, and medical care for refugees and other people in need. If you would like to support this humanitarian effort, please consider making a donation. It will enable them to help more people survive this difficult time.

Ukrainische Kultur-Vereine in Bad Durkheim

In the wake of the Ukrainian conflict, many people are asking how they can help. Some are donating money. Others offer their time. In Bad Durkheim, Ukrainische Kultur-Verein (UkRV) has a Facebook page where members can raise funds. One of the members of the UkRV, Michael Zaczkiewicz, is an eye doctor who has worked on the project for several years.

Ukrainische Vereine in Mainz

The Ukrainische Vereine in Mainz help Ukraine in a variety of ways. First of all, they raise money for refugees. Money is much more flexible than a Sachspende and can be transferred in several different ways. You can send money through an online form or by bank transfer. If you cannot donate money by cash, you can make a secure online donation through the DRK.

Ukrainische Vereine in Bad Durkheim

The Ukrainische Vereine in Bad Durheimheim Ukraine helfen through a variety of initiatives. There are various ways to help the country, some are easy to do, such as donating money, while others might consider volunteering their time. One of the most common ways to help is by becoming a member of an association. Many of these organizations are located in German cities and have contacts in Ukraine. The Dachverband der Ukrainischen Organisationen in Deutschland (DUOD) maintains a list of members from around the country. In Mainz, for example, the ukrainian association has members in the area of Germany who raise funds for the country through a Facebook page. A Bad Durkheim eye doctor has been running “Nadija” for many years and has developed it into a fundraising initiative.