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Mistakes in starting a relationship

Mistakes in starting a relationship

If you have found a man among Memphis singles, it is important to avoid common errors. A stunning novel may end up without such a good start, because of “trifles”, which we consider a manifestation of care and love, but men are afraid like fire. Sometimes men disappear from our horizon, as if it were not them who wanted to be with us forever yesterday. And we remain to guess what actually caused it, looking at it confusedly after us. It is very likely that one or more typical women’s mistakes were made.

To compete with a man

Any man is sure that he is worthy to date the best girl. The smartest, most beautiful, fashionable, caring, sexy – this list can be continued endlessly. Of course, it is in reality, but with one small “but” in mind. A girl should be better than other girls, but not to win in any way compared to the man himself. So do not brag about your professional achievements, play chess five times in a row, count better, run faster, emphasize how valuable you are and so on. He will not appreciate it! Instead, tell him how proud you are of his successes and victories. Otherwise, the man may think that he looks pale in your background and you will overshadow him. He will imagine that your leadership qualities will be realized in the family, and will decide that his fate does not tempt him.

Consider that everything has been decided

You can calculate where you want to spend your honeymoon, what should be the ring, how many relatives you invite to the wedding. The only condition – dream in your mind, not out loud! It is you who are sure that everything is decided, and a man should have a “spare exit”. It is not necessary at all that he will use it. But the fact of having escape routes warms the man’s soul.

Avoid the phrase “there will stand a crib” or “let’s tear down this wall. Are you ready to move the entire arsenal of cosmetics on the shelf by five centimeters to the left to fit his razor and cologne? Men hate it when someone encroaches on personal territory, makes decisions for them and/or forces them to agree with them. Do not allow your parents to communicate with your beloved as a future son-in-law; the situation “without me, I was married” is annoying. So if you found a man on Baltimore dating site, it does not mean that he will become your husband.

Remember the past

It is unpleasant for men to be compared to someone. Especially painful if you make it clear that the previous character, if not counted among the celestials, is certainly better than your current companion. Bite your tongue if your loved one will try to find out which of them gives you more pleasure. Do you think he wants to hear the truth? As if not so! Just needs praise and confirmation that he is the best lover. For the same reason, never compare his sexual “tactical and technical” parameters with those of your exes.

Do not try to compel a man that all his previous girlfriends were worse than you. It is unlikely that the attempt to rise above someone else’s account will work. Most likely, a loved one will make a completely different conclusion that you consider him a loser, a man who can’t make the right choice.

Constantly asking “Do you love me?

It is clear that we are glad to listen to his assurances once in a while. A man can decide that you have sclerosis, that you doubt his feelings, or that you have nothing else to talk about. With this question, you can cast doubt in his soul. Indeed, – he will think one day – do I love her? You may not like the result of his thinking activity very much.

Play in public

Men do not like to be “shown” to others to brag. Who feels good about a museum exhibit that says “don’t touch your hands”? By their nature, men are hunters, not trophies.