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Myths about online casinos

Myths about online casinos

During its existence, the gambling industry has collected a lot of myths around, and as we know from history, gambling appeared a long time ago. The time has come to debunk many false opinions regarding the best online casinos with an explanation, why the true picture looks different and often is even the exact opposite. 

Online casinos are not legal

In some countries, this is indeed the case – the legislature has banned the organization of gambling entertainment. But that does not mean that there are not states where gambling houses are part of the ecosystem. Regulators in such territories make sure that gambling owners do not violate players’ rights. Just such actions are illegal and threaten serious fines for casino owners.

At the same time the psychological dangers of gambling are investigated and institutions are created to help people cope with gambling addiction. But even countries, prohibiting gambling, do not exclude the possibility of making money on gambling and allocate special zones for this purpose. There are such gambling zones in the U.S., Egypt and even China, which officially does not accept anything except lotteries.

Casino can change the payout percentage

This is not possible. Of course, those players who, after a quite successful series of bets, start raising the bet amount or even play several slots at the same time may claim otherwise. They lose the entire deposit in a moment, thinking that it’s the casino’s fault. Rumor has it that the institution “tweaks” the payout percentage like a scale in a grocery store.

The fact is that each slot machine has its payout percentage, for example, 95%, 98%, set by its manufacturer, the game platform engine which is not located on the servers of the casino, but on the servers of the company-developer, protected in a serious way. If you bet a total of $1000, you will get back $950 or $980. That number is invariable; the rest is pure luck. Other reflections – it is a fake (here we are certainly not talking about cheaters).

This number is set by the developer of gaming software and this function (change in payout percentage) is under strong protection. In addition, the slots, as well as their creators, undergo special annual checks (after them issue licenses for the right to conduct relevant activities), which confirm that this option – is absolutely inviolable. To crack it will not be enough and a month of painstaking work, and you need to know that. Since the basis of mathematical algorithms in online casinos now operate and other gambling games, this myth applies not only to the slots, but the entire software on any gambling platform in general. 

The casino will not pay out big winnings

Talking about licensed casinos with high ratings, it’s worth saying right away that this is a lie and an unnecessary concern. First, by refusing to pay a player his winnings without any reason, the casino can almost instantly lose its license. Secondly, reputation. A very important resource that accumulates over the years and no sane gambling business owner would risk it. Having a base of loyal customers and positive feedback, which disposes to a continuous inflow of new players, the casino is quite enough of that profit, which is accounted in games and measured by RTP and house-edge parameters.

If the casino with a high rating, suddenly, does not agree to pay the player his winnings, the information about this will spread quickly and rapidly (particularly, thanks to the Internet) in the community of players, and they will quickly change the operator. Fortunately, the sites offering gambling services now abound. If you want to choose a reliable casino, use GamblerKey rating.