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OpenLegal – Contract Lawyers Melbourne

OpenLegal – Contract Lawyers Melbourne

Contracts are the basis of your business relationship. They define trust and power between you and your clients, customers, employees, contractors, freelancers, interns, suppliers, and other people. OpenLegal has the experience necessary to draft strong, reliable contracts that reduce the risk of dispute. Their legal team is ready to help you form the best contract for your business. To get started, fill out the form below or contact their office.


One of the most important documents in a business relationship is the contract. These documents form the foundation of a business relationship, governing all interactions with clients, suppliers, employees, contractors, and freelancers. If you’re considering contract law, using an OpenLegal Lawyer will reduce the risks involved in disputes and ensure that your contracts are legally binding. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should consider using this service.

As an open legal provider, this firm offers a flexible, package-based pricing model. Instead of charging hourly, Open Legal charges based on package value. This means that you’ll be able to discuss the terms and conditions with the lawyer at a rate that suits your budget. The pricing structure is transparent and will prevent confusion, reducing costs, and improving communication. Using a contract lawyer can also help you avoid common pitfalls, such as signing a contract that doesn’t contain the right clauses or stipulations.

Tend Legal

In addition to providing a wide range of legal services, OpenLegal – Contract Lawyers Melbourne aims to reduce the cost of obtaining legal services and create a positive customer experience. A contract forms the basis of business relationships, whether between a client and a business. It can also govern the working relationship between an employer and a worker. These contracts are the backbone of many relationships and can help businesses protect themselves and their assets in a variety of ways.

As one of Australia’s most common business transactions, contracts are an essential part of our society. Every day, we enter into agreements between individuals or businesses, containing enforceable terms and conditions. As a result, many disputes involving contracts can arise. Contract lawyers can help you avoid these complications by offering advice and negotiating revisions to the terms of your contract. Their legal advice ensures that you and your business are protected from pitfalls and financial losses in the future.

Lovegrove & Cotton

If you are looking for a firm to handle your construction-related legal needs, Lovegrove & Cotton are the perfect choice. In some areas, they are unmatched. Kim Lovegrove, the firm’s founder, served as a principal legal adviser for the development of the Building Act in Victoria. Justin Cotton, the firm’s Senior Partner, is a leading Australian construction law practitioner and a member of the HIA Victorian Chapter’s regional executive committee.

Dhillon Legal

If you have a legal problem that requires an experienced attorney’s attention, Dhillon Legal can help. This law firm can provide expert legal advice for a wide range of issues, including contract law, immigration, and family law. They are located at Level 11/456 Lonsdale St in Melbourne. You can view their reviews and find out what others think of their service. Overall, they have 4.8 stars on OpenLegal.

OpenLegal – Franchise Lawyers Sydney

Philip Ross, co-founder of OpenLegal – a firm offering flexible legal solutions for franchise businesses, is a qualified lawyer. He has worked in private practice, in-house counsel, law firms, national insurers and fast-growing multinational companies, gaining expertise in most areas of commercial law. His specialties include intellectual property, commercial contracts, buying and selling businesses, debt recovery, litigation, and more.

Peter Sanfilippo

The Franchise Lawyer is one of the few Australian firms that specializes solely in franchising work. Established in 2000, the practice has been helping clients navigate the complex world of franchising for a decade. Located on the fringes of Sydney’s CBD, the firm provides legal services to individuals, small to medium businesses, and franchising organizations. Franchise lawyers Sydney are dedicated to helping clients develop successful businesses and navigate the legal aspects of franchising.

Chris Plummer

Chris Plummer, the Managing Director of OpenLegal, has a proven track record of success helping franchisors develop their network. He has over forty years of legal experience and was formerly a partner at Walker Kissane & Plummer, a prominent law firm in Sydney. He has an extensive knowledge of business law and has been accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales as a Business Law Specialist for over twenty years. Marwan Kojok is another franchise lawyer at OpenLegal. He is recognized by the International Who’s Who of Franchise Lawyers for his consistent efforts to assist franchisors in developing their networks.

Marwan Kojok

The Sydney office of Marwan Kojok, Partner at OpenLegal, is comprised of experienced lawyers who have extensive experience in franchising law. They are regularly recognised by their peers in the International Who’s Who of Franchise Lawyers. Their team includes Chris Plummer, who has been a lawyer for more than 40 years. Prior to becoming a franchise lawyer, he practiced in various areas of law, including litigation, industrial property, personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. He is a Business Law Specialist and has held the accreditation from the Law Society of New South Wales for over 20 years. Marwan Kojok, who consistently features in the International Who’s Who of Franchise Lawyers, has over 20 years’ experience helping franchisors develop and maintain their networks.

Gene Goodsell

A prestigious legal network, Nexus Law Group has acquired the Australian Lawyers Network Pty Ltd, and has appointed three new consulting principals in Sydney. Michael Holmes has spent eight years in private practice and ten years in the bar, and has extensive experience in the areas of commercial litigation and corporate advisory. The network is reputed and its common-sense approach to modern law and its centralized systems have appealed to Michael. Franchise lawyers Gene Goodsell and Michael Holmes, both experienced commercial lawyers, have joined the firm.

Gia Ghazi

OpenLegal is a network of franchise lawyers in Australia, led by Gia Ghazi. Gia Ghazi holds a Masters of Law in Commercial Litigation, and Michael Holmes, a Bachelor of Arts. Both possess extensive experience in both private practice and corporate law. Gia also holds a Graduate Diploma in Tax Law, and is pursuing a Chartered Tax Advisor designation.