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PC games – online and downloaded

There is a huge amount of PC games. They have become popular since their appearance and since then they have only been developing and capturing the attention of a large audience. There are many different types of games depending on the genre. But they all fall into two large groups. There are online games, and

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Devops process

Devops was able to completely change the approach of the software creation. Currently, devops as a service is widely used by various companies that promise to introduce this methodology into the work of IT companies and thereby significantly improve its activities. Each methodology consists of specific stages and has a set of principles followed in

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What is an online sportsbook betting business

In the 21st century, many business projects began to move from offline to online. Technical progress has made it possible to transfer most of the processes to the online mode and, increasingly, entrepreneurs around the world choose this format. What are the main advantages of an online platform compared to an offline counterpart? First of

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What is “proxy”?

Often the nuts and bolts showing how the internet works is not a thing a people often stop to take into consideration. The problem with that is the purely natural danger of data security removes and identity theft coming along with the cute dog photographs, 24 hour news updates, plus great deals online. But what

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TUPA 0.1-alpha released

The first official release of TUPA has just been released today on Sourceforge. Feel free to download and test it. But take care. This is an alpha release! Don’t use it on a productional environment. Please report bugs if you find some.

TUPA 0.1-beta released

TUPA has been released and can be downloaded on Sourceforge. A lot of bugs are fixed in this release. It should now be stable enough to use it on a productional server. One important new feature is the installer witch helps you to set up or update TUPA. Have a look into the INSTALL.txt in the

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Official homepage opened

The official TUPA Homepage opened their doors today. The homepage was faster than TUPA itself. The first version (alpha) wil be released aroud the 15th of September.