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What are the benefits of using WordPress?

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

Creating a WordPress website is possible in a short term and at the lowest price. Many people believe that the company’s website is an extra expense for which small businesses have no money. These business owners simply do not know how much a WordPress website costs. In fact, launching a simple WordPress website will be inexpensive, even if you use a paid template.

WordPress Among the obvious advantages can also be distinguished:

1.     Free engine. CMS is free to install, use and modify. It’s really good cause you can test this CMS before you will decide to buy some paid template.

2.     Low system requirements. WordPress will work on any hosting. But there are also some really good options that will make your website fast and reliable. WordPress hosting FastComet is one of the best choices if we are talking about hosting provider.

3.     Easy installation. System files can be installed on the hosting in 5 minutes. CMS files weigh is small, so they can save space on the hosting.

4.     Easy visual editor. The addition of text and photo is similar to the interface of the Word office program, so even a novice can handle adding content to the website. So you will be able to create and manage your website by yourself.

5.     SEO optimization. Search engines like WordPress websites and bring them up in search. For full optimization, you need to install a plugin with which the title, description, keywords are filled. It’s really important for any kind of business. SEO is one of the most important and expensive things so it’s really good that WordPress can make this task a little bit easier.

6.     Intuitive admin panel and interface. Any user will be able to administer the website, no special skills are required for this. So there is no need to hire some additional staff for that purpose. You will be able to do everything by yourself if needed.

7.     The ability to create a multilingual website, WordPress allows you to add any number of languages ​​and manage them through the admin panel.

8.     Open source code. For users who understand the code, there is an opportunity to independently modify the themes, create their own plugins.

9.     Plugins as an opportunity to make functionality even better.

WordPress is a bloggers’ paradise

But its toolkit allows you to create the other types of websites as well. With the help of plugins and small interventions in the code, you can make a business card website on WordPress, a full-fledged online store, a news portal, a forum and much more.

Plugins also need to be highlighted as system benefits

All of them are freely available on the Internet, many of them are free, and can solve a specific task. For example, WooCommerce adds a shopping cart, product card and everything you need for sale in an online store, WP-Paginate sets page numbering for a blog or product category, Meta Slider helps to create optimized photo slideshows and so on. There are an infinite number of plugins, you just need to find the right one.

Even if we take CMS Joomla as an example, how to install a plugin on it?

You need to search for it on the network, download (well, if the code is not malicious), prepare it for deployment on the website, upload it to the admin area and there is no guarantee that it will work. On WordPress, the search for plugins occurs without leaving the admin panel, installation and activation takes a couple of minutes.

On the speed of the website on WordPress there are some issues, as there are more high-speed engines. But if you compare the CMS functionality, WordPress has no competitors. In addition, WordPress is constantly evolving, updating, fixing bugs and vulnerabilities. In this case, the system update does not affect the performance of the website.