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Safe money transfers with EasyStaff

Safe money transfers with EasyStaff

There are so many systems nowadays that offer instant money transfers. They make it easy to send money to any country in the world. If your company works with freelancers or has employees who work remotely, you should have a reliable way to send them money. As working with freelancers is always an additional risk, and remote workers can bring you some complexity in the paperwork, you should investigate the possibilities in this direction and choose the payment method that is really convenient and secure.

Paying with EasyStaff

EasyStaff is a modern company that focuses on providing payment services to freelancers or remote workers. There are no hidden fees or pitfalls, you don’t need to spend time formally registering every freelancer whose services you use. You don’t even have to pay extra taxes on that person’s work. You only pay a commission and the service takes care that everything is done correctly. Working with EasyStaff – https://easystaff.io/ is a great option if you often work with freelancers or have workers from other countries. 

EasyStaff advantages

  • Simplification of paperwork procedures. You need to enter into an agreement with EasyStaff, and there is no need to enter into separate agreements with each employee. It is a simple and convenient system for paying various freelancers. If your company uses different hires for each task and changes performers frequently, it will be easy for you in this situation and you won’t waste time on paperwork.
  • Hire people from all over the world. If you are used to not limiting yourself to hiring workers from your city or even from your country, EasyStaff will offer you a convenient service for paying various professionals from all over the world. All you have to do is pay the service fee and you can send money to any performer.