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Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization

To increase the efficiency of the enterprise IT infrastructure, increase the flexibility of information resources, and expand the range of mathematical capabilities, virtual servers are actively used today. These computing systems are new technologies that allow you to run several virtual operating systems on the same physical server. Given the fact that the average load on a regular server is a maximum of 15-20%, server virtualization here has significant prospects for development.

If you are looking for a reliable server for your project, then the virtual private server or other types of virtual hosting may be the best option. All of them are available at https://justvps.com/. Among the offerings of this company, representatives of various business fields can find the ideal server for their project. If you have a small project, then you can stop at web hosting, if your project is large, then it is worth considering the possibility of acquiring a virtual private server or even a dedicated server.

Hyper V Server Virtualization

A feature of virtualization of hyper V type servers is the possibility of their use based on the operating systems Windows Server 2012, as well as Windows Server 2012 R2, which is best suited for high-quality system configuration. The innovative technical characteristics of this server virtualization include the VHDX Shared system, the cloning and export of the Live VM system, the reliable management of Standards Based Switches, as well as the monitoring of Remote Live Monitoring traffic (remote monitoring).

The advantage of virtualizing hyper v servers is also the ability to work on the basis of processors with x64 architecture, and the second generation of Generation 2 machines is most fully implemented here. In addition, the clustering procedure is significantly improved in hyper V, and there is also a function of replicating (exporting) the server outside virtual platform.

VMware Server Virtualization

VMware has been developing various virtualization techniques for more than 10 years and today their platforms are reliable and proven. Today the server platforms of this company provide a wide selection of effective tools for managing the IT structure of large and medium-sized enterprises. A wide selection of VMware servers includes Workstation, Ace, Fusion, Server, Vmware 5.5, Player and ESX, and they can also be installed under the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Summing up, it can be noted that every year server virtualization is becoming more widespread, making it possible to significantly accelerate information exchange between users, optimize costs, and strengthen the processes of mathematical calculation of certain operations. So well-executed server virtualization is a significant step forward for each enterprise, and it’s very budgetary in financial terms.

Virtual Dedicated Server

This type of hosting provides for the rental of the real physical part of the server. Those somewhere there is a computer (server), all the resources of which are provided at your complete disposal. Such a service is called hardware virtualization.

DS hosting has a lot of advantages over VPS, the main of which are:

  • Clear allocation of resources;
  • Full server management (reboot, enable / disable);
  • The ability to install any operating systems and user programs;
  • A wide selection of individual server settings in general and individual software systems in particular.

The disadvantages of VDS include its cost, but everything is relative. The cost of renting a physical server, as well as a virtual one, depends on the amount of resources allocated to you.