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Tips for finding followers on Instagram

Tips for finding followers on Instagram

If you want your project to be active on Instagram, you first need to find subscribers. You can buy instagram followers or use white options, but either way you need to get as many followers as possible for your account to boost its status. There are also some additional tips to help you establish an influx of new followers.

Personal contacts

It is recommended to start promoting your page by attracting subscribers from personal contacts. Do not be intimidated. You do not have to call/text your acquaintances and ask them to subscribe to your Instagram. Everything is done with the help of internal functionality of the social network in just a few clicks. After you have created an account, go to the Settings menu. There, you can find Contacts and selected social networks. When you connect Facebook and other social networks, Instagram reads your contacts. In each section, you only need to check the box to subscribe to all of them. These users, in turn, will be notified of this and can subscribe to you in return. The key to the effectiveness of this method of engagement is the audience of followers in the connected social networks. The more contacts you have there, the more subscribers you will get from doing these activities.

Other social networks

Promotion of the account on Instagram works well in conjunction with pages in other social networks. You can get followers on instagram by placing an active link in the profile descriptions on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is recommended to add links to the sections designed for this purpose. For example, on Facebook you can add the link directly to your profile description. You can also link your insta-profile on your Facebook business page. Specifically, with the app, you can add an additional section to your page with posts and photos from instagram. If you want, you can plug in an invitation to view your profile as well.


Today’s users find information of interest to them by hashtags. Using them will make it easier for your target audience to find your profile. You can add up to 30 hashtags to a single publication, inserting both popular and self-created ones.

The ideas you can use are:

  • the place or event where the photo was taken;
  • interests that your target audience can use to find you;
  • hashtags describing what’s in the photo;
  • popular hashtags of competitors and their followers.

If you put tags like #likeforlike #Followme, you can attract subscribers who are also promoting your account. But try not to use generic hashtags, because you will drown in a sea of other posts and with their help you are unlikely to attract proper attention. Many experts on the promotion assure that there should be no more than 5 hashtags under one post. Opinions differ on this issue, but what is certain is that beginners can ignore this rule and use the power of hashtags to the fullest. Make a list of popular keyword phrases in your niche and use this template to save time. Note that it’s better to add tags in large numbers not in the post itself, but in the first comment of the post.


Actively use geolocation in your posts. Choose the places your target audience is most likely to be and tag their geolocation whenever possible. This will help show your potential subscribers what you have in common with them. If you blog about travel, when you write about a particular place, be sure to note its geolocation. That way you can get more instagram followers for your account.

If you use these rules, your Instagram account will grow and develop quickly. So it makes sense to start putting the most effective tips into practice.