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What is a Bitcoin card

What is a Bitcoin card

The rapid growth in popularity of various cryptocurrencies has led to the appearance of new types of payment instruments. One of them was the Bitcoin debit card, which uses the first and most popular type of virtual coins – bitcoin – as a monetary unit. More and more various financial organizations are now issuing and servicing such cards. 

Distinctions and key features

Possession of a card, which is tied to the most famous and widespread type of cryptocurrency, provides a wide set of opportunities. You can explore everything in detail here https://cryptopay.me/. However, such financial instruments have a number of features and differences from ordinary debit cards. They include such not insignificant nuances of use:

  • the operation of the card in conjunction with the traditional payment systems MasterCard and VISA, which significantly expands the scope of application;
  • bitcoin cards store not only virtual, but also fiat money, i.e. regular euros or dollars. This is necessary for a simpler exchange of currencies at the internal rate;
  • bitcoin cards are issued not only by banks, but also by various financial services, many of which work online and anonymously, and therefore do not require verification;
  • bitcoin cards are linked to a cryptocurrency wallet, which provides round-the-clock access to virtual money.

List of popular cryptocurrency cards

The number of bitcoin cards presented in the Russian and international financial markets is constantly increasing. Some of today’s most popular payment products include:

  • Bitwala. Most common among European bitcoin holders. It is chosen by users because it is issued by the bank Wavecrest Holding Ltd. It is supported by the VISA payment system;
  • Spectrcoin VISA. Almost any review of bitcoin debit cards begins with this means of payment. The main advantages are the issue of the well-known service Mychoice, binding to bitcoin, euros, U.S. dollars and the British pound, the availability of physical and virtual versions;
  • Shift card. One of the first debit bitcoin cards. Supports VISA, issued jointly by Coinbase and Shift Payments. It is free of charge in the United States and allows exchanging bitcoins into any fiat money according to holder’s choice with no fees;
  • E-Coin. Supports MasterCard and can be tied not only to bitcoin, but also to the most popular types of fiat money, including the dollar, euro and pound. There is a fee for the card, as well as currency conversion. At the same time, the implementation of POS-transactions is free.

There are also many other great services you can use to buy bitcoin and conduct financial transactions. You should carefully study the range of services so that you have a chance to choose the best option. For example, you can use https://cryptopay.me/buy-bitcoins and get access to this resource quickly and profitably. Specialized cards of this type can open up a lot of interesting benefits for you, so it is worth looking into the possibility of using them.